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Services & FAQs

I am ordering from Murrelektronik for the first time. How do I get started?

Welcome to Murrelektronik!
Ordering from us is easy.

Begin by creating a customer account with all the information required for invoicing and delivery. You can enter any number of delivery addresses. By registering, you'll get even more benefits. Please note: it can take up to 24 hours for your registration to be verified and to have all of the functions within your account activated.

Then, browse the over 30,000 products that make up our online shop by using the convenient navigation, filter functions or our search engine. To help you make your decision, our online shop offers detailed product descriptions, data sheets and CAD files. All of which are available for downloading.

After you have added products to your shopping cart, you are only few more steps are away from completing your order.

More questions? Contact your Murrelektronik representative


I'm already a Murrelektronik customer, but I have not ordered online before. What do I have to do?

You have already ordered by phone, email or fax and now you want to order from our website? Nothing could be easier! Click the "My Account" link in the right hand corner at the top of the page. Create a customer account by clicking the "Register" button and filling in your information.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your registration to be verified and to have all of the functions within your account activated. This includes pricing agreements and delivery addresses.

As soon as you are notified that the registration process is complete, you can browse our shop and place your orders.

More questions? Contact your Murrelektronik representative


What benefits do I get by creating an account?

You can browse our 30,000 products without registering. However, registration gives you access to the following features...

...Data Cart: Save required product documentation, like data sheets and construction files, to the cart and then download them all at once. There is no fee for using the data cart.

...Approval Lists: You can design project- or customer-related product lists according to your specifications and make them available to your colleagues or suppliers. This creates clarity and ensures that the correct products are ordered.

...Individual Prices: Once you have registered, you will no longer be shown list prices but instead you will see your negotiated prices. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours after registration for your pricing to be shown.

...Real Time Availability: Determine whether or not the product you need is in stock or backordered and what the anticipated delivery time will be.

...Ordering: Select your products and place your order. This will save time and could possibly expedite your delivery.


Why can't I select my country on the registration form?

If you cannot select your country on the registration form, you may be trying to register in the Murrelektronik shop of another country. Go to and select your country from the list. Once your country’s website loads, select the online shop link in the upper right hand corner. When you begin the registration process again you should now be able to select your country.

If your country does not have an online shop, contact a Murrelektronik employee, by phone or email, or contact your local dealer to place an order.


I'm a private customer and don't have a Taxpayer ID, can I order anyway?

Unfortunately, you must have a Taxpayer ID to order. If you do not have one, contact your local Murrelektronik dealer to place your order.


How can I change my account information?

You can make changes to your account (delivery address, email address, etc.) by clicking on the "My Account" link in the top right hand corner of the online shop home page. Login using your user name and password.

To change your contact information, click on "My Addresses" under the "My Account" link. Here you can update your invoice and/or delivery address or enter new addresses as needed by clicking on the "Change" button beside the address you would like to change. Now go to the address that you would like to change shown in the drop down field or click "New Address" to enter a new address. When you are finished click the "Save" button, to save the change/new entry. The changes will be verified by your Murrelektronik representative and enabled within 24 hours. Once enabled, you can select between the addresses with the drop down field when placing your next order.

More questions? Contact your Murrelektronik representative


Where can I see a summary of my orders?

It is not possible to make changes to an order that has already been submitted. If you want to change an order, combine several orders, or change delivery dates, contact your Murrelektronik representative


Some products don't have an "Add to Shopping Cart" button? How do I order these products?

If a product doesn't have an "Add to Shopping Cart" button, it cannot be ordered. Often these products have been discontinued, temporarily removed from the online shop or are not yet available for sale. These products are shown in the online shop so you can access information you may need such as data sheets or CAD files.

Usually, an alternative product will be shown to replace the one that can't be ordered. If this does not occur, contact your Murrelektronik representative for information on an alternative


Can I import a CSV file or enter article numbers directly?

You can use a CSV file to place your order or enter your article numbers manually. Use the "Direct Order" function found in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

- The "Manual Entry" link will allow you to enter individual article numbers.

- The "Upload CSV File" link will allow you to order by importing a CSV file generated by your ERP system.

The column order of the CSV file must match the list below to import correctly:

Article Number; Quantity

Your table may include a header. Accepted separators are semicolon, comma and dash.

You can export your shopping cart as CSV file to use it in your system for further processing.

The exported file is structured as follows:

Article number; Quantity; Short Description

Contact your Murrelektronik representative if you have further questions regarding the importing or exporting of files.


Can I forward my shopping cart to a colleague?

Of course! Click the "Forward Shopping Cart" button and enter your colleague or purchaser as the recipient. Your colleague does not need his own login to access the data. The products you have selected will be listed in an email.

Please note, if they do not log in, they will only see list prices when they look up the products. If you need the recipient to see your negotiated pricing, we recommend you have them register on our site.


Can I order some of the products in my cart? Can I save my cart and order later?

It's not possible to order selected products from your cart at this time.

For ordering at a later date, we recommend that you send your shopping list to yourself via email or you can export the shopping cart as CSV file. There is no way to save your cart at this time. Exporting your cart offers you the advantage of being able to import your product list when you are ready to order.


Are prices and delivery times up-to-date?

If you are not logged into your customer account...

...You will see products with their list prices. These prices are updated daily.

...You will see current product availability. This is updated hourly.

...You will see all active products and alternatives for discontinued products. New products are added daily.


If you are logged into your customer account...

...You will see your negotiated prices in real time. (Please note that the prices may increase due to copper surcharges or quantities that do not meet minimums

...You will see current product availability. This is updated hourly.

...You will see all active products and alternatives for discontinued products. New products are added daily.


How are my orders shipped?

Within Europe we ship using DPD parcel service or, for bigger shipments, we use Dachser.

Your order will require a signature upon delivery. Your shipment is insured against transport damages.

Would you like to use a different carrier? No problem, contact your Murrelektronik representative and they will make the necessary arrangements.


What are your shipping fees?

To view our shipping fees click the link: Delivery and Shipment


Can I track my shipment?

Your order summary will give you the current status of your order prior to shipping. Contact your Murrelektronik representative for tracking information if your order summary shows that your order has shipped.


How do I redeem a coupon code in the online shop?

Add the products to your shopping cart. During check out enter your coupon code in the provided field. Click the "Redeem" button. If you have entered a valid code a message will pop up confirming that and your shopping cart will be updated to reflect the offer.

More questions? Contact your Murrelektronik representative


What is the data cart? How much does it cost to use?

In the online shop you will find product documentation such as data sheets, installation/operation sheets and CAD files. You can add up to 100 products to your data cart. When you are ready to download you can choose whether you want to download all files or only certain files (for example: just the 3D files). Download them by clicking a single link. You will save a lot of time versus downloading the files individually and the data cart will save all of your documents in one place for easy access in the future.

There is no charge to use the Data Cart.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Click on the "Forgot Password" link beside the registration field. Enter the email address you used to create your customer account in the provided field. An email with a link to the page where you can change your password will be sent to that address.

Please note: The link will only be active for six hours, and then it will automatically expire. If you do not reset your password during this time, you will have to request another password reset.

More questions? Contact your Murrelektronik representative


I have a technical problem with the Murrelektronik website, who do I contact?

Are you having technical difficulties while visiting the Murrelektronik shop? Are the pages not displaying correctly? Are you having problems registering or placing an order?

Send the following information to your Murrelektronik representative.

Describe your problem in as much detail as possible.

Take a screen shot of, or copy down and send, the error message you are getting if applicable.

Let us know which browser and operating system you are using to access the Online Shop (For example: Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7).

Our online specialists will work with you to resolve you problem.

* plus VAT, plus shipping