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Direct Ordering

Do you know which article numbers you want to order or do you have a product list in CSV format?
Then you can save time by using our direct order option:

  • The "Manual Entry" link will allow you to type in individual article numbers.
  • The "Upload CSV File" link will allow you to import a CSV file generated by your ERP system.

The column order of the CSV file must match the below to ensure a successful import:
Article Number; Quantity

Your table may include a header. Accepted separators are semicolon, comma and dash. Make sure your settings are correct before importing the file.

If you need help importing your file, or have a question, please contact your Murrelektronik representative.


Copy & paste from Excel with article number and quantity (unformatted from Excel, comma separated or TAB separated)

CSV File Upload

CSV Delimiter
CSV Enclosure

CSV File Upload

TPE 2x2x24AWG SF/UTP CAT5e bu UL/CSA. CM 1.5m
* plus VAT, plus shipping